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Bogobiri House

Traditional Food of the Ibo People
I am deeply, madly, insatiably in love with Lagos, Nigeria. A place that has been dubbed, "one of the worst cities in the world," has captured my heart in such a way that I fear I may never recover. Lagos is my secret love, because most of my friends and family would just not understand my obsession. In many ways, I can't even explain it to myself. But, here I am always coming back, again and again into the arms of Las Gidi; which, at best, only reluctantly receive me and hardly give me the structure, stability and care that I need in order to establish a good relationship with a place. Nevertheless, I think Lagos is awesome! It doesn't try to please, but simply does. It's beauty and glory shines ever through the madness and you just can't help yourself from having a good-good time. If you doubt me, I ask, have you ever eaten Oil Bean Seed with Yam Stew (Ukpaka Na Ji), one of the traditional dishes of the Ibo people? Well, there you have it!
Children's Art Workshop
An amazing opportunity for local street children to experience high art, culture and music is available for free! at the Bogobiri House's own Nimbus Art Gallery. This is a welcome respite for many a child whose daily life is confined by the offerings of poor, urban living. Patrons from all over the world stay in the artistic and comfy rooms of the Bogobiri Hotel, further supporting the wonderful social programs developed to enrich the surrounding community.
Children's Art Workshop Lagos  Nigeria

Lagos Bike-Share
Africa's most populous nation is catching on to the green movement in fun and innovative ways. Now locals and expatriates, alike, can rent bicycles and move about the city untrammeled by the constricting forces of the fossil fuel economy which plaques this oil-rich land. Pick up a bike at Bogobiri House the next time you're in town and enjoy the city at your own pace.
Lagos Bike-Share Lagos  Nigeria

9 Maitama Sule St, South-West Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
+234 906 502 3853