Blue Lagoon

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An Iceland Must Do: Visit the Blue Lagoon
You've probably seen images of the Blue Lagoon all over Pinterest and in travel ads - in Seattle you'll see Iceland Air advertisements on the sides of buses and on big billboards. Those ads are why we scheduled our 20 hour layover adventure in Iceland and planned the Blue Lagoon as our final stop.

While your actual experience in the pool won't be exactly like the photo above - it's pretty darn representative of how I felt about my experience there - FANTASTIC! This photo is taken outside the complex where you can walk around these gorgeous pools and view the pretty colors without any people in them. If you're at all into photographing pretty things, it's a must do either before or after your visit.
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The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is a treat of an experience when visiting Iceland. Get your own flip flops, towels and enjoy the luxe locker rooms. Bathe in the soothing outdoor geothermal waters and smear on your mud face mask - all while overlooking the snowcapped mountains.
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Nature's Best Mud Mask in Iceland's Blue Lagoon
Scurry out in the frigid Icelandic air in your skivvies (or more appropriately, your bathing suit), and glide into the warm thermal waters of Iceland's Blue Lagoon Geothermal pools.

The water is a rare, beautiful powder blue- so spectacular that it deserves it's own crayon color. It glows with a magical hue, steam rising up as its warmth greets the chilly air that hits its surface.

The pools are vast and have a natural clay bottom that you can pick up with your toes and then smear on your face. Yes, you read that right: the clay that everyone walks on is the same magic clay you scoop up and spread on your skin. Whether or not it provides a good facial, you'll feel brilliant as you lounge with your head upon the rocks of nature's most beautiful spa.
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Floating in the Blue Lagoon
No trip to Iceland is complete without a trip to the Blue Lagoon. Sooth your muscles in the warm mineral-rich water and take advantage of the silica mud for an impromptu facial. Although the Blue Lagoon is by far Iceland's most popular destination, I managed to catch my wife in a minute of solitude, giving us a chance for the perfect Iceland photograph.
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The ultimate Wellness Experience
Yes, the Blue Lagoon is fantastic. But even better is the small Hotel nearby. With only 15 rooms but a big exclusive lagoon. Never felt more pampered than when we stay there. If this is too quiet, the Blue Lagoon is only a ten minute walk away, through spectacular lava fields - with no extra entrance-fee, as long as you stay in the hotel. And you should stay as long as you can!
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Simmering in Silica: Thawing Out in Iceland
Chilled to the bone from hours of exploring the moon-like landscape of the Reykjanes Peninsula, where Icelanders believe fairies, or "hidden people," live, the idea of going swimming sounded about as enticing as putting lemon juice on a paper cut. But as soon as I saw the steaming, milky blue lake percolating in a vast field of forbidding black lava rock, I couldn't get into my swimsuit fast enough.

Bláa lónið, or Blue Lagoon, is an otherworldly oasis formed by the runoff from a geothermic power plant, just 45 minutes from Reykjavik. The 100-degree water, rich in minerals like silica and sulphur, bubbles up through the lava rock, and the silica silt clouds the water, and forms a silky, brilliant white mud that coats the sharp lava surface with a thick, smooth covering that looks and feels like bathtub caulk. Looking around, I saw people scooping up handfuls of this snowy white gunk and smearing it all over their skin. (That mud, as it turns out, is renowned for its purifying and healing properties. There is even a skin clinic at Blue Lagoon, where sufferers of psoriasis, in particular, find relief.) When in Rome, or in this case Reykjavik.... So, I slathered the milky muck all over myself and just floated on my back in the hot, velvety brew, letting the heat unknot my muscles, until the mud dried to chalk on my face. I didn’t ever want to get out of that powder blue water, but when I eventually did, my skin really was glowing and soft as a baby chick.
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Blue Lagoon, Iceland
No trip to Iceland would be complete without a visit to the Blue Lagoon...we visited in January and it snowed while we were there enjoying the 102 degree was awesome!
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A lovely end to a long weekend in Iceland
After a wonderful week in Reykjavik and driving the Golden Circle, stopped on route to the airport to lounge in the waters at Blue Lagoon.
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