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Roman Temple at the London Mithraeum
It's the descent down, down, down into pitch black -- triggering primal anticipatory sensory awareness. The scent preeminent in the ensuring hazy temple space, while a soundscape of muffled chanting alerts you to the footfalls of sandals shuffling along the floor, and, some distinct voices now emerging with pronouncements in Latin.

Welcome to the atmospherics of the Temple Mithras where a multi-sensory experience immerses you inside a mithraeum to evoke the presence of ritual, perhaps similar to the way that ancient Roman soldiers and merchants experienced the ancient temple.

The site rests in a former stream bed and the high moisture content of the soil has certainly helped to preserve artifacts that would have rotted away in other conditions. Among the objects recovered: a well-preserved shoe, over 400-waxed wood tablets (used to record matters of everyday life such as financial transactions), a cache of coins and a miniature carved amber pendant in the form of a helmet. See website for specific visitor details.

12 Walbrook, London EC4N 8BN, UK