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Bingen, Germany

Hildegard: As Above So Below

"True prophecy involves a mystical journey into the heart of universal mind via the fully conscious human being..."

In serene, cloister-ambient undergound vaults -- where Hildegard’s abbey once stood at the confluence of the Nahe & Rhine rivers -- you'll discover the gathering & meditation space of the Scivias Institute for Art and Spirituality (SIAS). This institute, housed in near by Bad Kreuznach derives the name SCIVIAS from the multi-faceted abbess, healer, writer, musician, visionary, counselor, preacher, linguist, naturalist, artist, poet and adviser's (to kings, bishops, princes & paupers) major mystical work.

Though this Seer, Saint & Dr of the Church is also tied to the beauty of this valley – by the moniker: Sybil of the Rhine. As SIAS founder & feminist theologian, Annette Esser, PhD, puts it, "Hildegard influences people in a wide variety of ways because she was active in so many fields,” she said. “But I think Hildegard herself viewed her many accomplishments as all being connected & flowing from the same divine source. For her, all of life was one harmonious whole... she took her visions very seriously & considered herself a prophet."

Hildegard, deeply spiritual & intensely practical, continues to sustain a large fan base: musicians, feminists, ecologists, artists, those w/medicinal interest & natural practices of the healing arts.

Learn more at an SIAS program/workshop & explore Hildegard's legacy as it flourishes today on both sides of the Rhine.