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Bhangarh–City of Ghosts
Legend has it that this now uninhabited city of once magnificent bazaars, palace, gardens, temples and bathing pools was deserted overnight (only a generation after its completion), having been cursed by an evil court magician, Selu Sewra, who had unsuccessfully attempted to seduce Bhangarh's virtuous and beautiful Queen.

Bhangarh is supposedly one of the top ten National Heritage sites in India, but because of its remoteness, few visitors make their way here. I highly recommend a visit at sunrise–as the early morning light magnifies the mystical nature of Bhangarh unforgettably.

Note on the side: Bhangarh is located only about 15 minutes by jeep from Amanbagh (http://www.amanresorts.com/amanbagh/home.aspx).
Bhangarh, Rajasthan 301410, India