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Shooting an Abandoned Industry Building
With every step I take, glass crunches underneath my shoes. The stairway is dimly lit by diffused daylight on this wintery day. A cold blast of air blows through the broken window, sending a thin layer of snow swirling on the stairs as I continue to walk to the top level. The paint on the walls and ceiling is peeled and cracking. There is a faint smell of smoked meat that still oozes out of the building, and I’m nervously aware that I’m the only one here. This is not a place I should be—wandering around an old abandoned meat factory in East Berlin—but I’m inexplicably drawn to it.

Get access to photograph the Alte Fleischfabrik (Old Meat Factory) in East Berlin. It was owned by the Konsumgenossenschaft (KGB), a consumer association, and was established in 1899. Now the buildings (bakery, power plant, and meat factory) are abandoned and crumbling. But photo tours are run through the buildings on specific days via Go2Know photo tours.

More Information:
Go2Know mainly gives tours/assistance in German only. However, guides there normally know enough English to get by—and I have found that the other people on the tour can also assist with translating. Bottom line, don’t let the German language stop you, you really don’t need to communicate much—you are there to wander and take photos.