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Beniya Mukayu

Rene Redzepi's Picks: A Modern and Traditional Ryokan
The public areas of this beautiful ryokan [inn] are modern, but many of the rooms are purely traditional, with nature right outside the window. It’s very peaceful. And the people who run it are so nice. They kept insisting we use their Wi-Fi. 55-1-3 Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga, 81/(0) 761-77-1340. Rene Redzepi chose this as one of his favorite places. Read more. This appeared in the October 2012 issue.

Japan, 〒922-0242 Ishikawa-ken, Kaga-shiYamashiroonsen, 55, 55 1 3 YAMASHIRO ONSEN
+81 761-77-1340