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Beniya Mukayu

Beniya Mukayu ryokan
Tradition and design are thoughtfully balanced in this ryokan, nestled in the mountains outside of Kaga. Cultural is kept alive through unique experiences: owner Mr. Nakamichi greets all guests with a traditional tea ceremony upon arrival, followed by yoga with his wife every morning. The cuisine makes local ingredients shine based on the season: in the fall, snow crab roasts on a tableside grill and duck meatballs float into a flavorful broth. An air of sophistication navigates the traditional design: be on the lookout for the installation “Ho-sun” by Kenya Hara. Each of the 17 tatami mat rooms has a private hot spring bath, allowing the optimal way to enjoy the view. A sophisticated concierge offers multiple itineraries to explore the surrounding area.
Japan, 〒922-0242 Ishikawa-ken, Kaga-shiYamashiroonsen, 55, 55 1 3 YAMASHIRO ONSEN
+81 761-77-1340