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Bengaluru, Karnataka

Cab Tour of Bangalore

Overwhelmed by the poverty, the density of the population.

Astonished by the kindess of the people of India.

Coconut Grove Restaurant, CBD
In Bangalore one sees everything that can happen in a city which has grown beyond control: traffic jams, disappearance of beautiful buildings, instead concrete jungles, food quality diminishing, aping of the westerners blindly thus cafes and hamburger and spaghetti invading the sacred spots of Idli and Dosai.Rapid development has benefited only about ten per cent of the people, many people are left behind and thus living under a most stressful society (the most stressful in Asia in my opinion) and thus giving rise to the least healthy society in Asia! as evidenced by India becoming the capital of Diabetes and Cardiac Diseases. It is not unusual for a 40 year old to have Diabetes, Cardiac Disease and surgery and be fat.. they copied the western lifestyle superficially and are paying for it.
after searching for three days I found this place to eat and it was the authentic experience of eating local food. I do not eat western food when I am in Asia, even if I am there for one month at a time..

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India