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Almost gave mommy a heart attack....
I was so nervous watching them. Daddy had daughter on his back crossing the suspension bridge. Daddy had no free hand holding daughter because he had both his hands tight on the bridge to maintain balance. Once you've got to the other side, the only way back is crossing the bridge again. That's called 'giving mommy (me) heart attack, twice!'

Cave Canoeing
Canoeing into the caves in Belize!

Belize please!
My plan is to travel to Florida, Mexico and central America including Belize

Belize it or not
After a week visit last month to off-the-radar Belize, it's quite remarkable how this English-speaking nation has maintained its anonymity and provincial character this far into the 21th century. It’s only a two hour 20 minute flight from Houston. Yet Belize defies both its Central America and Quintana Roo neighborhood.
Consider these ‘Belize it or not’ facts:

-A mere 250,000 international overnight visitors come to Belize each YEAR. That’s the equivalent of Cancun’s airport arrivals for two WEEKS;
-The population of the ENTIRE country is under 340,000 (177th in the world; right ahead of The Bahamas);
-The biggest hotel in all of Belize has fewer than 120 sleeping rooms. Average hotel size nationwide is under 15 rooms;

-You can ship a cake to your friends across Belize, thanks to Tropic Air and its most accommodating cargo policy.

That’s right. Individual, iced layer cakes from Belize City bakeries are ferried there and about, carefully unloaded to be delivered to grateful pastry-lovers.

It’s accessible, affordable (airfare to Belize City commonly mirrors fares to Cancun) and friendly almost to a fault.
But don’t wait too long. Thanks to ‘International Living’ and HGTV’s ‘House Hunters International’ more and more gringos are finding their place and peace in Belize. Might be your next ‘piece of cake’ Time to dig in!

Designing From Belize Beauty
Ron travels quite a bit on his own, and he returns again and again to the main island of Belize. He spends a lot of time getting out on the ocean--either bone-fishing on the flats of the Turneffe Atoll or scuba diving with giant groupers and rays on the Belize Barrier Reef (actually, the world's second largest coral reef system). He's continually inspired by nature on the island, whether it's the shape of a tropical flower or the colors of the sunset over the Caribbean...somehow when he gets back to our jewelry studio, those elements make their way into his work.