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Bedrock City

Silly Fun in Bedrock City, Home of the Flintstones!!
Sure, I posted one other Afar Highlight from Bedrock City. But darn it, you must gooooo!!!!! This is one of those old roadside attractions from yesteryear. And yes, I won't lie, it's a bit rundown. But look, guys....it's the Flintstones, a modern prehistoric family!!!

Bedrock City is a roadside attraction on the way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Roadside attractions were built as "tourist traps" with gift shops and things to do for kids, a place where a family could rest after a long drive on the way to somewhere. Built in 1972, Bedrock City was modeled after "The Flintstones" cartoon from the 1960s. And Bedrock City still survives. For now. Owner Linda Speckels is selling it for $2 million to someone who will keep Bedrock City operating. Bedrock City has a Fredmobile train ride looping through Mt. St. Wilma (a volcano). The Bedrock Theater plays Flintstones cartoons with the audio broadcast over loudspeakers. There's a campsite, diner, convenience store, and a large gift shop. And of course, there is Bedrock City, built to resemble the stone age town of Bedrock from the cartoon "The Flintstones". Will it be here in a year? Who knows. Visit while you can, Afarians.

P.S. It's fantastic to take photos at night as well, as you can see!!!! :D
101 US-180, Williams, AZ 86046, USA
+1 928-635-2600