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Japanese Culture: The Oiran Makeover Experience

The image of a geisha has been one of the most alluring cultural experiences in Japan. But what if for once, we would dive even deeper into the history of the Land of Rising Sun and we would experience the Oiran makeover. The Oiran were considered a type of yūjo "woman of pleasure" or prostitute. However, the Oiran was vested the Senior Fifth Rank by the government. The Senior Fifth Rank was equivalent to the feudal lord. The colour of the Senior Fifth Rank was red so by showing the red collar, the Oiran could display her rank. Oirans were prostitutes, but they were proud courtesans with higher rank than ordinary citizens.
Oirans no longer exist in Japan, but their legacy remains very much alive, through the means of an out of ordinary makeover.
The Oiran makeover requires skills and patience. A woman must carry her special kimono which weights over 20 kg. Her hair, full of extensions and decorations adds another 10 kg. Her neck must be strong and suave and carry the weight with commitment. Furthermore, the Oiran must walk on special getas, higher than any other heels available on the market today.
The Oiran makeover takes roughly 4 hours and the photoshoot is another 2 hours or more. Every passer by takes a sudden interest in the woman dressed as a beautiful Oiran, in a silky, decadent kimono.