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Bay of Kotor

Bay of Kotor
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A darn good egg Bijela  Montenegro

A darn good egg

Descending upon Montenegro's coast via Cetinje during the winter is like crossing continents in a moment. From icy peaks you first come upon Budva, then continue on to Kotor Bay. The bay is breathtaking. You'd think the first thing to elaborate on would be the vistas, but a surprisingly memorable moment from my brief stay in Kotor this weekend was the egg I got at the local piazza (outdoor market) this morning. It was one darn good egg.

Saturday is the best day to visit the Kotor market, when you'll find the most vendors and best selection. But today (Sunday) I was lucky and happened upon a woman selling dried meat and a selection of cheeses from Njegusi, a region famous for these products. I bought some cheese and asked her to throw in a couple of eggs (jaja) as well. She claimed they were "domaca jaja" (from the home - free range), though I was skeptical. I bought the eggs anyway and boiled them when I returned to my apartment, where I lunched on my treasures from the Kotor piazza. Pictured here is the lovely spread, though not including the "jaja", for which I had low expectations.

How wrong I was. Simply prepared, soft boiled, it was the best egg I've ever had - the yoke was golden and the white was so soft, rich, and creamy, I spread it on bread like butter. The freshness was obvious. Thank you lady from Njegusi - I'm sorry for doubting you, and hope to see you again soon in Kotor.

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