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Bat Dambang

Chinese Noodle restaurant
As I live in Bangkok, it is a very bold statement when I say, these were the BEST noodles I have ever eaten in my life. The noodles and dumpling dough is actually made fresh in front of you and then cooked into various Cambodian dishes and they are AMAZING!

Recommendations are the vegetable dumplings and the chilli and sour dry noodles. The setting is typical of SE Asia, plastic tables and chairs, florescent lighting, family run. My friend and I greedily ordered four dishes and had two beers each and the whole meal came to $8!

Most tuk tuk drivers seemed to know exactly where it was, so if you make it to Battambang, you have to go there!

Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus
Make it to Battambang in Cambodia, then you have to make a trip to this circus. Someone had mentioned how good it was, but I didn't have any expectations, and ended up being incredibly surprised!

It is run as a circus school for underprivileged children in the surrounding communities to come and be trained in various circus skills, providing some training and fun for these kids. The show is just over an hour and you pay $10 to attend, which was up there with the best $10 I've ever spent! So entertaining and all of the students are really talented - from juggling, acrobatics, gymnastics and tight-rope walking - it was all amazing.

I have read recently that there will be shows in Siem Reap every few weeks, so it will be even easier to attend!