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Correfoc "fire run" during La Merce
The Correfoc is an event that is also known as the “fire run.” There are two “runs,” a child-friendly one at 6:30 PM and an 8:30 PM adult version on Via Laitena near Jaume 1 metro stop. People dress up and carry fire crackers and fire-breathing dragons down the street in a parade-like style. The first time I experienced this was when I randomly happened upon the parade in 2009, and because it was like nothing I had ever seen before, I made it a huge priority to return. Luckily, I made it back this September 2015. Make sure to wear long sleeves, pants, hats, and closed toed shoes. If you are a female, make sure to tie your hair up. Don’t stand too close as the fire crackers are loud, just close enough to take photos and videos of just how spectacular and how totally illegal this would be in the United States. You can read more at http://worldonawhim.com/guide-la-merce/