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Bagan, Myanmar

Epic balloon ride in Bagan, Myanmar
For many years I wanted to ride a hot air balloon in Bagan.
In March 2017, I spent the whole month in Myanmar.
After visiting Yangon, I headed to Bagan, which is located in the Mandalay region.
Among the three companies that offer balloon flights in Bagan, I chose Balloons over Bagan because they were the cheapest at the time but also because they were the first company to offer commercial hot air balloon flights in Bagan.
I was picked up at my hotel at 5:20 AM and went to the place where the balloons depart.
After receiving the safety briefing by the pilot, we entered the basket with the help of the crew, crouched down, and seconds later, the balloon started rising. It was so exciting.
After a while, we were allowed to stand up. The sun wasn’t out yet and in the semi-darkness we saw that other balloons surrounded us and we were already above the trees!
It was almost overwhelming and my adrenaline was very high.
Around 6:30AM, the sun started rising as we were flying over the Bagan Archeological Zone.
The captain rotated the balloon so everyone could appreciate the view. And what a view! The orange-yellowish sky dotted with balloons of three different colors, the big golden sun rising over the horizon and thousands of ancient temples and green plains just below my feet.
After passing the temples, we continued flying over a rural area of Bagan.
At that time my adrenaline was coming down and I enjoyed the flight even more. Sometimes it seemed like we were floating on the breeze. There were some moments that I couldn’t believe I was in a hot air balloon in Bagan.
The flight took around 50min, and it was one of the best experiences I had during the five months I spent in Asia.