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Baduy Tribe

Cikeusik Munjul, Cikeusik, Kabupaten Pandeglang, Banten 42286, Indonesia
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Trekking deeper to the Baduy tribe wisdom. Cikeusik  Indonesia

Trekking deeper to the Baduy tribe wisdom.

Baduy Tribe is the only remaining ancient tribe of Western Java existed until now stand up with their own way between the globalization of modernization that happened everywhere.

Baduy is a tribe located deep inside the heart of Banten Province of Indonesia. To get there you must trek the uphill and down of hills and valley cleaved by curvaceous river. For about 5 hours of trekking you'll be arrived in Cibeo Village, the biggest deep-village of Baduy Tribe. In the deep-village you are not allowed to turn on the music, take any picture, take a bath using soap, brush your teeth using toothpaste, and other attitude rules.

Baduy have their own traditional clothes and they weave their own fabric, deep-village use white color and outside-village use black color. Their houses have no nail, so they bundle it with ropes, all building material they find from nature surrounding them.

They refuse any modernization as they believe that human being is should be lived together with the nature (as is).

note: for foreigner can only trek to outside-village, in outside village you still can do listening music thing and also take a picture.