Badlands National Park, South Dakota

Halcyon Dreams In Badlands National Park
The minute we entered Badlands National Park I was in love. From the roaming buffalo, the perfect blue sky & the puffy white clouds to the sandy colored plateaus, swaying prairie grasses and the strong, warm breeze it was like walking into another world. And it was a world that I really felt at home in.

Sometimes when you travel you bump into places that feel so natural and easy – almost as if you have lived there before in another time, in another life. Badlands was like that for me. It just felt right. I was happy. I felt the kind of at ease feeling you have when you recognize there is something larger than yourself. All the little crap you deal with on a daily basis falls away and for a few sweet moments you have a hold on what really matters in life. You can imagine yourself as a better person.

I would like to spend a couple months exploring South Dakota, meeting people, taking photos & running through the breeze with Randy and Chachy. We only spent a few hours in Badlands but sometimes I daydream about jumping in the car and driving back with no plan in mind and no end in sight.
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