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Bacari PDR

Share Your Way Through A Meal At Bacari PDR
Blame it on family dinners, Thanksgiving feasts, or simple curiosity, but there’s always an intimacy in sharing plates of food. Whether you’re passing a full dish to a neighbor or scooping from one close to your own, the motions make a meal feel cozy. That’s the feeling you’ll get at Bacari PDR, a beachside restaurant that serves its menu by the Italian practice of cicchetti, or small plates.

In a casual place with fewer than 100 seats, including those on a patio, Bacari’s closeness is as literal as it is figurative. Floor-to-ceiling chalk walls display a small-production wine list that rotates alongside a menu with seasonal dishes and an appropriate selection of seafood. Once your table is dotted with glasses – and you should take advantage of the cocktails specific to this Playa del Rey location – fill in the empty spaces. Start with the rainbow beet salad or the roasted garlic bruschette. Then, pick the chorizo pizza topped with tomatillo salsa, queso fresco, and the optional but necessary, egg.

Order another cocktail, like the sweet and strong old Cuban, as you decide on the larger list of hot dishes. The slow-braised pork shank of the osso buco and the caramelized onion on the open-face burger make for confident selections.

To complete the familial mood of your meal, finish with the malabi dessert made of rosewater custard, grilled pistachios, and shaved coconut in a hibiscus flower syrup. The treat is a fond memory of the executive chef’s childhood.

Enjoy The Ease Of A Sunday Brunch At Bacari PDR
On a Sunday, time should pass slowly. Late morning should move effortlessly into the afternoon, and decisions should remain as easygoing as possible. At Bacari PDR, ocean breeze fills the air of reliably sunny days, and keeps the cozy dining room cool. Groups fill tables under artfully displayed wine bottles lining the ceiling or on the patio illuminated with natural light. The relaxed atmosphere moves at a calm pace, and its small-plate menu – otherwise known as cicchetti – makes ordering simple. Get as much as you please, and see when satisfaction strikes.

Pop a piece of house-made focaccia dipped in a roasted garlic and sunflower seed spread into your mouth as you cut a slice of fluffy pancakes from the stack. You may have picked the pancakes over the French toast at first – which is also made in-house and topped with fruit – but that could wait for later. For now, crowd the rest of the table with a croque madame topped with caramelized pastrami and a fried egg, a warm kale salad in a hot bacon vinaigrette, and a potato hash tossed with chorizo. Sip a mimosa or a bloody Mary as you go, and sit back comfortably when the plates are clear.

While a chia tea custard made with almond and coconut milk is also up for grabs, or the aforementioned brioche French toast could claim your second wind, you could leave now for the nearby beach. After all, there’s always next weekend.

6805 S Vista Del Mar Ln, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293, USA
+1 310-439-2100
Sat, Sun 10:30am - 2:30pm
Sun - Thur 5pm - 10pm
Fri, Sat 5pm - 11pm