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Azienda Agricola Škerk

Osmiza: Italy’s Pop-Up Wine Tavern
Throughout the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, farmhouses periodically open their doors to the public, serving homemade wine and other artisanal products. These temporary roadside taverns are called “frasche” in the greater part of Friuli (to indicate that they are open, a leafy cluster of branches, called “frasca” in Italian, is hung above the door) and “osmize” in the area around Trieste (from “osem,” the Slovene word for eight; when the tradition began, they were only allowed to open eight days each year). I visited one osmiza called Azienda Agricola Škerk in the town of Prepotto. Inside the courtyard, guests gathered at long, wooden tables to sample the local vintages and feast on homemade cheese and salumi. I tasted the white wines Vitovska and Malvasia and the red Terrano. Because osmize and frasche open on such an irregular schedule, check the internet (http://osmize.com/ or http://www.osmize.net/calendario) to find out where to go each week.
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34011 Prepotto TS, Italy