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Ayala Pateros Jeepney Terminal

Feathers In My Teeth
What does the duck say? Very little when it's being consumed. Balut is an authentic cultural induction into the Philippines. Loaded in protein and cheap on the budget, one can eat a filling from this 18-day old duck embryo. Commonly found with matted feathers, brittle bones and a triangular beak, it can't be mistaken for anything but a small bird.

For the brave and daring, take a crack at eating like a local. Add salt and vinegar to taste before crunching through the missing golden yolk. I suggest hopping on a jeepney and journeying out of Manila to Pateros. The mother duck of Balutans.

Price--11 pesos for a cooked embryonic egg

Route--Ayala (Greenbelt in Manila)to Pateros. Yet, balut can be found on most side streets in the Philippines, just ask a local.

Disclaimer: each egg carries it's own surprise silhouette some crunchy, some feathered, and some beaked.

101 Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines
+63 2 840 3215