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Aveiro, Portugal

Pyramids of Sparkling White Salt

In the ancient city of Aveiro there are so many tourist sites and activities to experience. You can try the city's famous desert, ovos moles, a sweet egg confection. How about trying one of their great restaurants serving many seafood choices? There are several churches and museums to peruse. The moliceiros ( old curved prow boats) which are brightly painted are used to collect seaweed which is dried and sold for fertilizer.
You can also take a tour down the canals in an old moliceiro to visit the salt pans.
These salt pans have been operating in Aveiro for hundreds of years. You can scamper around (ask first), and see the salt drying in the sun. As the salt dries, it is added to the large pyramids that shine in the sun under the bright blue sky.
The sea salt is sold at the sight. It is clean and fresh. Try the typical Portuguese Piri Piri sea salt.It's got a kick to it.
The salt pans are quite a sight spread out over a large marsh area. The marshes are the habitat of many varieties of sea fowl.
Visiting the Troncalhada works is a wonderful learning experience which both children and adults enjoy.