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Automatic Cafeteria

Snack on a special Arabic Shawarma at one of Dubai's oldest Shawarma institutions!
Automatic Cafeteria on Al Rigga Road is said to hail from the 70's, and while much of their food is nothing to ride across the desert for, they've managed to set a high bar with their shawarma spices and cooking technique. Their special ''Arabic Shawarma'' is a hefty roll with crisp, juicy chicken/beef strips, garlic butter, pickles and the infamous french fry (which you'd be better off asking them to leave out). This larger and more expensive version of the commonplace shawarma is sliced up into manageable sections, and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses ('anar' sauce) succeeds in elevating this humble street snack to one worthy of the creamiest hummus you can find in the city.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
+971 4 222 4478