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Auberge Les Pyramides Hotel Merzouga

BP 41
| +212 670-137673

Merzouga cameltrekking luxury camp

Prepares several types of desert activities including camel trekking. Basically camel trekking are excursions in the dunes, where you’re carried by camels inside the desert.
Camel trekking in the desert, This is one of the things the south is known for. The Sahara desert is a great escape to other urban points in Morocco. Here you just have the dunes and the starts above in the sky.
Oasis nomad tents, desert tours and excursions
Imagine yourself driving a camel like a real Sahara Desert nomad. Cruise the orange sands of Erg Chebbi dunes on top of a dromedary and take one of our excursions into de dunes. We divide our dromedary excursions in 3 different modalities:
Camel circuit Sun set / Sun rise
You’ll be taken in a 2 hours cruise on the back of a dromedary into the dunes. You’ll be taken by our hotel’s staff which will explain some of Sahara Desert secrets. After you’ll return to the hotel and enjoy a mint tea, telling us all about your tour experience.