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Arugam Bay

Sri Lanka: Tuk-Tuk Transportation
While in Sri Lanka the tuk-tuk, or three wheeler, is the preferred method of transportation. Sure, there are taxis, but their advertised air conditioning usually fails between certain points of departure and arrival. Plus, taxis cost about the same when traveling small distances. In a tuk-tuk the breeze is always on and the view in unobstructed. The driver sits up front and center, while up to 3 passengers ride on the bench seat in back.

For travelers coming from a culture where it's prohibited to even wave an arm out of a moving car window, the exhilarating feeling one has taking a ride in a tuk-tuk could be the equivalent to a dog's with its head out that moving car window. And for about 4 USD per hour (depending on one's negotiating skills), it's a great bargain!

Surf/Relax in Arugam Bay
Awesome surf town where time stands still. Lined with great cheap places to stay right on the beach, the vibe is mellow with the occasional all-night beach party. Awesome food to take a much needed break from the standard rice and curry. Super friendly to surfers and non surfers alike, Waves are pretty massive so swimming should be done with caution.

Can be reached by public bus/three-wheeler from various Sri Lankan towns cheaply. The much more expensive option is private car. Be sure to haggle.

Sleep in a folly beachside in Arugam Bay
Waking up in an elevated pagoda facing the ocean while the cloth walls around you float back and forth is a truly amazing experience. You never tire of getting out of your tent, stretching, and diving into Arugam Bay's massive waves.

The front of the area is lined by 4 tents or follies. In the center is a long wooden table where guests congregate to eat the amazing food of their chef. It is a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A definite highlight of any trip in Sri Lanka.

Definitely book in advance. People tend to stay here longer than planned.

+94 77 338 7808

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka