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Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat - The Best View of Edinburgh
There are few things in life I hate more than hiking. I would sprint anyone given the opportunity - but hiking? No. Every hike that lasts more than 10 minutes is already 9 more minutes than I can handle.

But, that doesn't mean I rebuke at every opportunity. Especially when the reward is Arthur's Seat, a gorgeous, unobstructed vista of the beautiful city of Edinburgh, the North Sea and, on the odd sunny day, West and East Lothian.

Part of the Holyrood Park - which includes Holyrood Palace, the Queen's official residence in Edinburgh - Arthur's Seat is just over 820 feet high. Many theories about its evocative name have been crafted over the centuries - some say it was named after the famed King Arthur, but others pretend it's because it used to be called The Archer's Seat, which slowly turned into Arthur.

Who's right? Nobody knows.

And honestly, that's the beauty of it - trying to imagine what went down on these green hills while climbing up, who or what was Arthur... endless fun! And well, also, incredible views!
Over the Hills and Far Away
The terrain of Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh is vast. One minute you're climbing up steep rock steps to what seems like nowhere, another you're bouncing through soft green grass as if you were in the Shire. Either way, there are several hefty hikes and walks worth taking for one of the most spectacular views in Edinburgh. On a clear day, you really can see forever.
Over the Hills and Far Away Edinburgh  United Kingdom

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh EH8 8AL, UK