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Arenal Hostel Resort

Alajuela Province, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

I Paid For A Hostel, But Stayed At A Resort

$353 for 4 nights included 3 beds, a bathroom, a walk in closet, a hanging closet, a shower big enough for a giraffe, a refrigerator and 3 private outdoor chair hammocks right next to a heated pool with a swim up bar and a shared outdoor kitchen….

I have to admit, when I first started looking for a place to stay in La Fortuna, I was immediately drooling over the thought of sitting at a swim up bar in a hot spring with a piña colada staring at the Arenal Volcano. After a lot of research, I came to learn that this only exists about 15 km outside of town and would be totally isolated.

In a search on Kayak, I stumbled upon the Arenal Hostel Resort. Initially, I passed on the idea of a hostel because I was going to have all of my film equipment and preferred a private room at the time. BUT…they had a sick picture of a swim up bar, hammocks for days and a youthful vibe. I was enticed to look into it further and glad I did, because they offered private rooms.

Christian, the hostel manager, treated us like family while Fabio, the bartender took care of us like an old friend. The best and most beautiful thing about the Arenal Hostel Resort is that it is right in the heart of La Fortuna tucked behind a delicious fried chicken window and the best typical food restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. We became friends with our guides from the day that we would run into in town in the evening out having drinks or dinner with friends. The grocery store was one block away which was awesome not only for the food, but because the hostel allowed for us to bring our own drinks to the pool. Bike Arenal was 4 blocks away and with affordable bike rentals, we were never left without transportation (our walk in closet also housed our 3 bikes for the trip).