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Chill on the Aquabus
In my opinion the Aquabus is Vancouver's most fun mode of transportation and if you've taken a ride I'm sure you'll agree. The Aquabus is a mini ferry that taxis around False Creek, an inlet just south of downtown. It is popularly used to get to Granville Island a shopping and dining area that is popular for its market. But, the Aquabus also travels to Yaletown, Science World and many other docks along the creek. The ride is pricey but fun. On a busy day you may have to wait a little bit, but they run every few minutes. The day I took it I started at Science World and took it to Granville Island. The ride was pretty short but it was really fun.

Wild Weather over Granville Island
The locals aren't lying, it rains in Vancouver. A lot. But, instead of moaning and groaning about it, hike up your splash pants and try to catch some of that wild weather on camera! One of the best places to see cloud formations and the patterns of a microclimate is Vancouver, so suck up the wetness and get out there to see the sky!

This particular shot was taken over the Granville Island Aquabus terminal which contains cute, if slightly pricey, little water busses that go throughout False Creek. if you're in the mood whilst weather hunting you could always try them as well!

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