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Emperor Penguin
Perhaps the most recognizable of the penguin species, these majestic animals are endemic to Antarctica, existing nowhere else in the world. They are a so-called giant species of penguin because they can grow up to 4 feet tall and weigh 50-100 pounds. It is, however, very unlikely that you will see them during your trip to Antarctica.

Most Antarctic voyages leave from South America and as such miss much of the breeding areas of the Emperor Penguin. But leave from Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand, and you may be able to see these penguins in person. Queen Maude Land, home to the Russian Novo Base, is one such place where you will see them, but not during their breeding season. Unlike other penguins, the Emperors breed during the extremely harsh Antarctic winter and not the summer when leisure cruises visit the continent. Even though you may not see this special bird in person, it is yet another example of the remarkable wildlife in and around Antarctica.

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