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Landing on the Antarctic Continent
While cruising around Antarctica, you will usually be on the fringes of the continent, stopping at islands and ice floes. There are opportunities, though, to actually set foot on the continent itself, like at Brown Bluff.

Located at the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, Brown Bluff is a tuya. Tuyas are rare geologic phenomena, formed when a volcano erupts through a glacier or ice sheet creating a distinctive flat-topped cone. Brown Bluff formed in the last 1 million years, and at one point the volcano had a massive diameter of 15 kilometers.

The volcano is named "Brown Bluff" because of its steep slopes and its brown-to-black colored rock. Brown Bluff attracts thousands of penguins every year thanks to its mile-long cobble-and-ash beach providing easy access to the sea. On a sunny day, Brown Bluff is without a doubt one of the most beautiful spots in Antarctica.
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