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Sunset over the Ice   Antarctica

Sunset over the Ice

If you have Instagram or spend more than five minutes on Twitter, you've no doubt noticed that people around the world love a good sunset. Lest you think this isn’t possible in Antarctica, think again! While cruising around the ice-covered continent, I enjoyed many a fine sunset.

Maybe that’s what surprised me the most, the fact that the sun set at all. For some reason, I expected conditions to be similar to areas around the Arctic Circle, where the sun stays up for hours, days, and even months at a time. As it turns out, the same is true for parts of Antarctica.

Most visitors to the region visit only the very fringes, along the coastline, and here along the Antarctic Peninsula, there are only a few weeks every year when the sun either doesn’t rise or doesn’t set. As you go further south, closer to the pole, the phenomenon lengthens until you get periods of time when there is no such thing as a sunset for weeks at a stretch. Never fear, though—unless you’re on an epic quest worthy of Shackleton, you will most likely enjoy stunning sunsets and sunrises like the ones I witnessed.