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Leopard Seal   Antarctica

Leopard Seal

The second-largest seal in Antarctica, the mighty leopard seal can be found throughout Antarctica and on nearby islands. Also known as the Sea Leopard, this animal is most definitely a predator, feeding on seals, penguins, and fish. Its only natural predator is the killer whale, but even they don’t often bother these ferocious mammals very often.

Leopard seals are large and muscular, growing up to 11 feet in length and well exceeding 1,000 pounds in weight. They have carnivorous teeth, meaning their front teeth are very sharp. They’re also remarkable for their white and black spots, giving them their intimidating name. They are bold, powerful, and even curious creatures, and should never be underestimated in the wild. One of the scariest moments of my time in Antarctica was when a leopard seal found our Zodiac boat to be of particular interest. He could have easily damaged the vessel if he wanted to.