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Crabeater Seal   Antarctica

Crabeater Seal

My favorite seal in Antarctica, the crabeater is also the most abundant, with millions of adults calling the ice of Antarctica home. In fact, they mostly live on icebergs and floating bits of ice, which they use as places to sleep, rest, and catch krill. They don’t actually eat crabs; the name comes from the shape of their teeth, which are perfectly shaped to filter their small crustacean prey.

Crabeaters can grow up to 7 feet in length and weigh more than 400 pounds, making them medium-large sized seals. Light in color, many bear scars from interactions with leopard seals, their primary foe. Leopard seals actually depend on the crabeater as a food source, and scientists say that up to 80 percent of all crabeater seal pups are eaten by the expert hunter leopard seal.

Sailing through the waters of Antarctica, you will undoubtedly see many beautiful crabeater seals, forming an important part of your voyage to this continent.