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Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach, Goa 403519

Anjuna Gypsy

The raw relaxed vibe of Anjuna beach and those who inhabit it were, in many ways, a great contrast to wedding party I had just spent the last 3 days with. The splendor of an Indian wedding is breathtaking- women wear silken saris interwoven with gold threads- their abundance apparent. The gypsies of Anjuna display a certain splendor of their own... just like much of the population, they live amongst garbage, with few possessions and little comfort- but their smile and intention comes genuinely from their hearts.

It's easy to hire a taxi once you exit Goa's airport, Dabolim. Goa is heavily influenced by the fact that it was under Portuguese rule for many years- so you will see plenty of Portuguese architecture there. I stayed in a Portuguese Heritage home- Siolim House- where there was a staff of 4, cooking and cleaning for and protecting me. They also helped me procure some of the exotic kokum they had prepared my bhindi (okra) with at one of the evening meals.

The manager of any hotel will arrange a driver to get you to wherever you want to go. My driver, Alex, spoke to me in Portuguese, since that's what his family speaks at home. From behind his dashboard littered with deities, neon lights and strung marigolds for luck, we explored the the beautiful monasteries in the hills overlooking Old Goa. While there are many beautiful things to behold in Incredible India- nothing is more extraordinary than the genuine light in the hearts of those who live there.