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Anguilla Wallblake Airport

Anguilla - Carnival in Rainbow City
Anguilla Carnival is the island's biggest holiday, and is widely known and celebrated throughout the island. I was jamming in the streets to live soca and reggae bands. the streets are transformed into a spectrum of colour as the various troupes display their, flamboyant, detailed costumes. Street Paraders and The winners of the preceding events are also on display, smiling as they too celebrate and relish in their victories. The pulsating rhythms of the island's best bands are heard from East End to West End. This is the highlight of their performance as they compete for the title of Road March Champions.
Anguilla's Johnny Cakes
Anguilla is famous for its fine cuisine, and I truly enjoyed being a foodie while visiting. During my first trip to Anguilla, I fell in love with Johnny Cakes! Johnny Cakes are bagel-sized biscuits, usually fried, that are made all over the Caribbean. The food there is spectacular! I would highly recommend trying Johnny Cakes while visiting Anguilla. I had them at Anacaona Boutique Hotel, and the only word to describe them is AMAZING!

From five-star Caribbean food to B&D's front-lawn BBQ, Anguilla restaurants certainly do deliver some of the most wide-ranging, delectable Caribbean food!
Anguilla's Johnny Cakes The Valley  Anguilla

The Valley 2640, Anguilla
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