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Ama-No-Hashidate Sandbar

Ama-No-Hashidate Sandbar
Celebrated as one of Japan’s three most beautiful places, Ama-no-hashidate is a two-mile-long sand spit formed by white sand accumulating from the tides and winds. More than 8,000 towering pines grow rampant on the sand spit, creating the impression of a green carpeted bridge crossing Miyazu Bay. The nearby mountain offers a scenic ride via cable car to the top, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing panoramic view. Don’t be surprised if you see people bending over to look at Ama-no-hashidate from between their legs. This is said to make the sand spit appear exactly as its nickname implies—a “Bridge to the Heav-ens.”

Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
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