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Greek Paradise in the Aegean

Alonnisos is the most remote of the northern Sporades island group. Spanning 3 miles by 12 miles and having a population under 3000, this is what paradise in the Aegean looks like. Wine making goes back thousands of years here, and the limestone makeup of the island is perfect for warm weather varieties. Farming is also an important way of life, and some of what you’ll find are almonds, figs, and grapes. In 1992 the Alonnisos Marine Park was established as a sanctuary for the native marine life. And for you, uncrowded beaches on this island are stunning with turquoise waters that gently lap at the shoreline. Traditional white washed homes trellis up the hillsides, and almost every one has a panoramic view of the ocean. This is the island to escape the tourist crowds and really unwind. The Greeks know how to live life, and savor every moment, the food and wines ! This island is truly a way to get immersed in this ancient and very welcoming culture. Don't make the mistake of passing this island by (as most visitors do). It will be a lifetime memory to cherish. Photo credit: Municipality of Alonissos. Photo locale: Agios Dimitrios beach.