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Åland Islands

Cruising the Baltic
While visiting Stockholm, we decided to take advantage of one of several cruise ships that take travelers across the Baltic to the Åland islands, which belong to Finland. We left Stockholm on the Silja cruise line, which had us on our way before the sun came up, and we returned to the Stockholm port by evening.

There is also the option to do overnight cruises leaving in the evening and arriving in Helsinki the following morning, and returning once again in the evening. You have to book far enough in advance for those trips, as we learned. However, the more economic and more easily attainable reservation for the day trip to Åland was a very enjoyable plan B. We watched the sun come up over the sea as we left the port and had a buffet-style breakfast sitting at a table against the glass wall. Then we sat in lounge chairs sipping coffee, and watched scenes like this flow by. When I took this picture, I was outside on the deck, so I only stayed for a few moments as it was very windy and icy cold (this was late December in the North—it's to be expected, I suppose).

When we docked at Åland, it was a smooth transition from one cruise ship to the next, the one that took us back to Stockholm. On this cruise, there was a dinner show that was entertaining to say the least. Both ships had shops, but it was the first ship that offered short-term lodging. It was a very memorable experience, and I would highly recommend it!
Åland Islands