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Aethica APF

32 Rue La Noue Bras de Fer
+33 2 40 57 77 10
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Super-Sized on L'île de Nantes Nantes  France

Super-Sized on L'île de Nantes

On L' île de Nantes, it's easy to spot Aethica, the French construction company that commissioned artist Lilian Bourgeat to create a sculptural landmark that would underscore their mission outside their new headquarters. Installed in 2013, the giant tape measure in the courtyard at 32 Rue La Noue Bras de Fermètre à Ruban marks the spot where Bourgeat has transformed an essential tool of the construction trade into a giant sculpture modeled after the measuring tape he carries in his pocket at all times.

While preserving their everyday appearance, Bourgeat has similarly super-sized patio furniture, rubber boots, road pylons, public benches and other objects typically encountered in daily life. By exploding the dimensions of ordinary items, he creates a fantasy universe where common things are endowed with artistic magic. At the Aethica Headquarters, a tool used by architects, urban planners, construction workers and other tradespeople becomes a playful statement about what goes on inside the building.