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Adventure park GEOSS-Pustolovski park

Amazing zip-line in the center of Slovenia
Adventure park is set in a tranquil village of Slivna where the geometric center of Slovenia lies. There are five climbing routes in the treetops up to 11 m high! Real adventure for all - even children who can go on the easiest route. I liked different climbing elements and geting around on a ziplines - but the king of the park is really BIG zipline, one of the longest in Slovenia! It is made in two stages of 400 and 500m. So we felt like flying for more than 30 seconds and it was easy to do it. Just with a help of instructors and professional equipment. If you like adventure in the trees - you could prolong it even over night! There are three wooden bords with comfortable beds on the trees where you climb via ladder. Sleeping there is the most romantic night for everyone who loves nature! Just imagine early mornig views with the sun rise....