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Adimelali Bali

It happens sometimes when you travel across time zones that you take a while to settle into the time change. That can mean waking or sleeping at times not usual to you and in turn hearing or seeing things that you would normally not experience. Watch fascinated as pale pastel light rapidly changes to bright colourful vibrancy. It lights up ocean, the landscape and beyond in a matter of minutes. It’s almost as if some giant Hand reaches down and plucks the sun up and then hangs it in the sky. Time will seem to move slowly for the rest of the day – until the sun once more approaches the horizon when suddenly it will drop and darkness will fall almost instantly. There is nothing stealthy or subtle about sunrise or sunset here in the Bali tropics. The beginning and ending of every day is a dramatic enactment of life – a moment or two to pause and rejoice, a moment or two to pause and consider. Each takes your breath away and it is a comment we hear often while traveling in this beautiful Island “why is it that the sunrise/sunset here is so much more beautiful than anywhere else?” I don’t know the answer to that – but we have to agree!
Jl. Pratu Made Rambug, Gang Taman Beji II No. 24-25, Banjar Sasih-Batubulan, Batubulan, Gianyar, Batubulan, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80361, Indonesia
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