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ACME Hotel Company

15 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611, USA
| +1 312-894-0800

A Hotel with Attitude

The Acme is my favorite hotel in Chicago.

First off, most of the rooms are suites with tiny kitchenettes, refrigerators, microwaves and separate bedrooms. The “knock and drop” coffee feature means someone will bring you a thermos of hot coffee at a time of your choosing, knock on your door and leave it for you to pick up. Hot coffee delivered to your door every morning? That’s heaven.

The beds are gigantic and extremely comfortable, I love the 50’s style furniture with boomerang shaped side tables and sleek stylish couches. The elevators are papered with vinyl album covers, as pictured above, and the wall decor tends towards the hip and retro with giant hand prints, glowing red lips, coat hooks shaped like zippers and chalkboards on the doors.

Additionally, I experienced prompt service from the hotel staff, I walked to the Loop in about a 10 minutes and I found a couple of diners right around the corner, one of which served breakfast all day.

The Acme is a hotel with personality. If you like some style in your surroundings, you’ll love it.