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Abu Simbel Temples

Aswan Governorate, Egypt
| +20 2 22617304
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The other side of Abu Simbel Aswan  Egypt
Death defying trip in the desert Aswan  Egypt
The other side of Abu Simbel Aswan  Egypt
Death defying trip in the desert Aswan  Egypt

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Sun - Sat 5am - 6pm

The other side of Abu Simbel

Traveling from Alexandria to Abu Simbel gives you an astonishing sense of Egypt and it's ancient treasures. Pyramids, tombs, and heiroglyphics are set on a burning hot backdrop of smoggy cities, tour busses, and one salesman after the next chanting "I give you good price". After being blown away on the final day of our trip at Abu Simbel, we drove back to Aswan in our police convoy and at sunset pulled over to the side of the road. Thinking someone had a flat tire, we got out to stretch our legs and before us was a golden expanse of desert so vast and flat, where no tourist trail feet had walked. Silence and light were the real wonders to be taken in, and we felt cleansed from 10 days in a country that balances chaos and magic on a single grain of sand.

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about 6 years ago

Death defying trip in the desert

Do you enjoy taking your life into your own hands? Then this is the trip for you! Wake up before the crack of dawn, pile into a rickety old van with a driver who clearly hasn't passed driver's ed., and head out into the middle of the desert in a military convoy into a territorial disputed area of Africa. That being said, this was an amazing temple and it is a must see if you are heading to Egypt.

This temple is foreboding to visitors and invaders alike as it is monumental in size. If you want to forgo the cell phone using driver who regularly weaves on the road for no reason for three to five hours because he can''t maintain his speed, you are welcome to fly. Egypt Air will get you there for just a little bit more than a car ride. I wish we would have flown and just spent the night in the area, although there isn't much to see and do so make sure it's a fun hotel. This temple is surrounded by desert for many, many, MANY miles. It's surprisingly cool inside the rooms and the statues out front made it a highlight of our trip. There were also very few tourists in June, probably because it was 127 degrees. Bring more water than you think you'll need and plan to pay to use the toilet. Enjoy a walk to Lake Nasser and the peace that comes with it in this iconic view of Egypt.