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Abou Hanfy

Cheap, filling and tasty
Have you tried putting grains, chickpeas, and freeze dried onions on top of pasta and topped it all off with tomato sauce and a garlic oil? No? Well the Egyptians consider this dish a staple. It's called KO-SHERRY, 'Koshary'.For around 20 cents you and two traveling buddies can eat lunch, and be full for the rest of the day. If the Egyptians have mastered one thing, it's cheap eating. What sounds like a stoner's weird mixture of whatever he could find in his cupboard at 3am, is actually a national dish that is surprisingly delicious. I'm craving it right now. Don't expect complicated curries or a mixture of spices, this dish is simple.

Dar El-Salam, Al Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt