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A Slow Boat to Venice

A Slow Boat to Venice
Source: RickSteves.com YouTube
Venice lays claim to a unique title – the world’s most majestic floating city. In the days of old, Venice was a powerful player in trade and maritime matters, and now it is revered as a tourist hotspot. Venice’s canals are a hive of activity with sightseers, backpackers, and travellers. Venice is by all accounts a sinking city. According to reports, the beautiful City of Venice is shrinking at a rate of 0.04 inches per annum, since the northernAdriatic Sea is rising This places Venice at greater risk of flooding, but it has done little to stem the influx of tourists into the city.
Italian architecture has long been a magnet for travellers. Besides for the unbelievable designs, the workshops, the milieu, and the stores, it is the distinctly Venetian nature of the city that draws in the crowds.

The Rialto Bridge of Venice
No trip to Venice is complete without visiting Rialto Bridge. Built in 1588, this imposing structure sits snugly in the province of Venice. Its length is 157 feet and it is one of 4 bridges built over the Grand Canal. It is also the oldest bridge on the canal and it divides San Polo and San Marco. The sheer number of tourists on their Rialto Bridge can be a distraction from its architectural beauty, but it is definitely worth seeing.

The Venetian Lagoon Encapsulating the Romantic City
The Venetian Lagoon
is yet another site. This body of water is an enclosed bay in the Adriatic Sea. Its area covers 212.4 mi.² with a maximum depth of 21.5 m, and an average depth of 10.5 m.Tourists in Venice will instantly notice its sprawling urban population, comprised of many man-made tenements, palazzi, churches, houses and more.
In terms of safety and security, the only threat to the Venetian Lagoon is man. Chemical pollutants have been increasing in recent years, driven in large part by cruise ships and tankers. Tourists looking to enjoy a romantic holiday in Venice will typically fly into the Marco Polo Airport, and from there it’s possible to enjoy a breath-taking view of the Venetian

An Operatic Masterclass at the Teatro La Fenice
The Teatro La Feniceis one destination not to be missed. This opera house is regarded as one of the most famous Italian landmarks. Built in 1792, the Teatro La Fenice stood the test of time, until January 29, 1996 when it was completely gutted by fire. Now restored, this venue can comfortably seat 1,000+ people, but its acoustics are truly unbelievable. Composers from Germany, Britain, Slavic countries and France are regularly in attendance.

The Immaculate Casino Di Venezia
For tourists looking to cut loose, Casinò di Venezia is a marvel to behold. Founded almost 400 years ago, the Casinò di Venezia is officially the oldest casino in the world. It has a rich history that spans generations. Legendary composer, Richard Wagner took his last breath at this Italian casino in 1883. In keeping with tradition, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and other table games open at 15:30, and patrons must be dressed smart casual. The games available at the casino include the following: French Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Holdem Poker, Fair Roulette, Punto Banco, and slot machines galore.

The prestigious Casinò di Venezia was inaugurated as far back as 1638, and proudly commands respect as the oldest gambling house in the world Card players with a penchant for blackjack flock to this establishment to put their card counting prowess to the test. There are 2 venues where blackjack games can be enjoyed at Casinò di Venezia. These include Ca' Noghera and Ca' VendraminCalergi. The casino allows players to put their blackjack strategy, including Double Down, Splitting, Insurance, and Evens Blackjack.

Fine Wine and Cuisine in Venice
If the architectural wonders say anything about Venice, it is this: What lies beyond those walls is a taste sensation of epic proportions. There are scores of restaurants, wineries, and eateries where you can enjoy amazing Italian wines while sitting along the canal.
Whether you’re drinking Prossecco, Soave, Valpolicella, or Chardonnay – you’re always going to celebrate in Venice. The City of Venice is regarded as one of the most perplexing wine regions in Italy. Venice has a long and chequered history, serving as a region that ruled the world for well over 1,000 years from the seventh century A.D. through the 18th century

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