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95 Ti Yu Lu

95 Ti Yu Lu

Traditional Beef Noodles

Xiamen is a stone's throw from Taiwan, which is known for beef noodles in a rich broth. Master Private Beef Noodles doesn't rewrite the book on this traditional dish: Rather, it's an old, reliable place to eat a simple bowl of mian (面) at.

In an enormous country like China, adventurous eating may sometimes lead to unhappy stomachs. Beef noodles (and rice porridge) are a good cure, as the broth is boiled so aggressively. It's a rich but plain food—a hint of soy sauce and ginger are the only difference between this and a hearty Italian beef broth.

The simplest dish is the tendon bowl (牛腱捞面). Another solid choice is the gold-braised beef noodles (金牌红烧牛肉面). Skip the juices and the side dishes; they're lackluster compared to the beefy noodles.