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9/11 Memorial

The North Tower Reflecting Pool
The beauty and hushed quiet, with the exception of the two continuous inverted waterfalls, can for a moment, erase the memories of the devastation that day.
The Sound of Silence
The 9/11 Memorial is truly a breathtaking experience and well worth the wait (if there is a line when you visit). I was here just shy of their original opening, so they were letting people through in batches, as there was still a lot of construction going on at the time—it may be a different process now, but take whatever steps necessary to visit.
The Sound of Silence New York New York United States

North Pool 9/11
Trekking Lower Manhattan is not complete without paying tribute to the on-going construction of 9/11 Memorial.

Captured here from the North Pool is the 9/11 Museum on the background (lower left).

To view and tour the site, a pass is needed to get into the site. Visit the Visitor Centre at 90 West Street. Admission is free. However, donations are accepted.

Entrance is near the W New York Hotel (http://www.wnewyorkdowntown.com/) on Washington Street.
 North Pool 9/11 New York New York United States

We Will Never Forget
I have such varied memories of the WTC site - eating in the WTC plaza by the fountain, drinks with coworkers after hours in the shadow of those towers... And then immediately after 9/11 volunteering with the Red Cross at Ground Zero. The carnage and destruction was all encompassing. I've never seen or experienced anything like it... And then, working across the street while the whole area was nothing but a giant construction site which I walked past everyday... And now this.

There was a lot of debate around what the memorial design would finally be, but I have to say that I think it's tasteful and sobering...and heartbreaking.

The water falling the way that it does makes it look like the memorial itself is weeping. I don't think they could've done anything better.
We Will Never Forget New York New York United States

9/11 Memorial
Going through security here is tighter than going through one at the airport. You have to show your ticket at least 4 times before entering the site. While the museum is opening soon in May, the 2 acre-sized 9/11 Memorial pools provide a moment of peace for those who lost their lives that faithful day.
9/11 Memorial New York New York United States

180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, USA
+1 212-312-8800
Sun - Sat 9am - 8pm
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