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Hotel Drisco

Hotel Drisco - The Tea Room
We booked three nights at the highest rated hotel in the city of San Francisco. The rooms were pricey, but the experience was unparalleled.

Here, in the tea room, we sat together and lazily gazed out the window and watched the cars drive up the steep hills. The breeze was perfect and the temperature was 75. The tea steeped slowly and was full and luxurious.

As we sat in the tea room, we felt more and more relaxed as the minutes passed. Relaxation in a hustling and bustling city where row housing stacks its residents almost most on top of each other; feels much deserved and valued.

The tea room made us feel as if we were sitting in grandma's posh living room, or her sunroom. Time stood still, we sat in silence and we chatted and read the daily paper. Every moment that passed was comfortable and serene. That is exactly why we chose to stay at the Hotel Drisco.
1011, 2901 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA
+1 415-346-2880