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Your Summer 2017 Travel Horoscope Has Arrived

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Illustrations by A. Salamandra

Find out what kinds of travel the stars have in store for you this summer.

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Welcome to summer! (Well, in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway.) At this time of year, the sun reigns supreme—literally. The summer solstice marks the day when the sun reaches its highest northern declination, giving those of us above the equator the maximum amount of daily sunlight. But it also marks the turning point when the days continue to shorten until the winter solstice. 

As the light begins to fade, astrologically speaking, now is the time when we should cherish and enjoy that which illuminates us—our families, nature, and the abundance of summer. Travel with your family or go home to visit the folks. Head to the usually frozen mountain peaks to enjoy a wildflower bloom, or indulge in revelry at a beach, resort, cabin, or hideaway. In your travel plans, resolve to make this season’s adventures ones that will keep you warm all winter. (But keep in mind—Mercury retrogrades from August 13 through September 5, so book your travels before or after those dates. During a retrograde, remember to allow for misunderstandings and unexpected events.)

(March 21–April 20)

Generally, Aries warriors, you have no problem going it alone. If there is a trail to be blazed or an obstacle to conquer, you can be autonomously successful. However, this season, all astrological signs are urging you to find traveling companions. In fact, you might even want to give up the reins and allow someone else to steer for a while. Perhaps instead of a solo adventure in the mountains, you head home to visit your family. Perhaps instead of extreme sports, you should seek relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing. Take a tour of the West Coast’s soothing hot springs, or spend your time exploring pubs in Ireland with your beloved. Take it easy this summer and give yourself some time to heal.

Your best long-distance travel dates are July 1–9 and August 12–28. Travel for business or commerce before July 25 or after September 5 preferably.
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(April 21–May 21)

Usually, I give this license to the Aries folks, but this season I want you, Taurus, to be selfish. Totally and completely selfish. This is your time to treat yourself to all of the creature comforts you can imagine—within reason. There is such a thing as too much ice cream or too long in a hot spring. Please be careful to eat just enough ice cream and soak just long enough in the hot spring to get a pleasant feeling of fullness and contentment. You need it. You deserve it. Take your time (as much of it as possible), and go wherever you can find the most “Ahhhhhhhhs.”

Your best dates for vacation or long-distance travel span the month of September, but multiple mini-breaks, escapes, and short-term travel are suggested all summer long.
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(May 21–June 21)

I saw an astrological cartoon once describing the polarity of the opposite signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the centaur, and in the cartoon, the half human–half horse is galloping into the sunset. The Gemini twins are riding on the galloping Sagittarius. One twin is holding on tightly and the other has its hands up, roller-coaster style. But by riding along on Sagittarius’s adventure, the twins can go faster and see even more of the world that they usually do. This summer, find your stallion in the form of a best friend, traveling companion, Eurail pass, open ticket, or RV. You must see more of the world, but something tells me that you’ll need to find exactly what that last piece of the puzzle is. Find your horse, imagine your sunset, and ride on!

Your best travel dates for commerce, vacation, or education are any days this summer except for August 13—September 5, when Mercury is retrograde. If you must travel then, make sure it’s focused on finishing old business and you’ll be fine.
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(June 21–July 22)

This summer, astrologically speaking, I recommend you tend to this thing we call our spirituality. It can be a tricky concept, but with your natural tendency toward imagination, intuition, and feeling from the heart, I believe you know what I mean when I say “spirituality.” It’s about a connection with nature, with family, and with your own healing. Feed your heart and your spirit this season. Spend quiet mornings in an off-the-grid cabin, enjoy desert sunsets from a New Mexico hot spring, or embark on an inspirational pilgrimage.

Your best travel dates are June 21–July 7 and July 12–19. Best days for travel and commerce are the same. Try to get it all done before Mercury goes retrograde because this one promises to be a strong retrograde for you.
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(July 22–August 22)

Simply put, this season you need to vacation on or around your birthday. The spring has been a more introspective time for you, and early summer promises to be meditative as well. But around your birthday, your energy returns with gusto. Take time to vacation this season not simply because it is a rejuvenating experience, but also because you may make a breakthrough in the realm of your life’s meaning. I can’t assume that all of you Leos are looking to reclaim meaning and find purpose for your existence, but if you are, the best astrological suggestion I can give is that you should do something you never thought you’d do. If visiting the East Coast feels like going backwards, then my suggestion is to go east. If you only want to travel internationally, consider doing something at home, like visiting U.S. state and national parks. Getting out of your comfort zone will expand your life in ways you cannot yet know, so mix it up and try something new.

Your best vacation days fall around your birthday. Your best days for quick trips and commerce are anytime this season, even during the Mercury retrograde; but if you can wait until the end of September, I’d recommend it. 
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(August 22–September 21)

With Mercury retrograding through your sign from August 13 to September 5, you Virgos have an increased astrological potential to experience both the liabilities and the benefits (yes, there are benefits) of the famed Mercury retrograde. To understand Mercury retrograde, simply place the prefix “re” in front of all things Mercury; thinking, perceiving, writing. This is a time to review, rewrite, and rethink. In essence, it’s like doing homework to fully integrate the lessons learned that day in class. The beauty of this time is that it allows you to fully understand your capabilities, integrate your life-lessons into wisdom, and review information to make the wisest decisions. To do that, take time to reflect. For you, this season is not a time to expand into the unknown, but rather a time to learn about yourself. Go to a healing spa. Get out of the house and away from everything in order to relax and regroup. You may learn a lot about yourself with travel this summer, so find a way to take plenty of time to do that.

Your best travel days are June 21–July 20. Best days for travel for commerce or short excursions are during Mercury retrograde if it’s finishing up old business and after September 5 if it’s expanding your business into new realms.
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(September 22–October 22)

As I suggested in the last seasonal report, Jupiter, the planet of expansive travel, is in your sign until October 10. Any travel you do now will help expand your horizons and your point of view, your mission in the world, or your faith in the universe. I know that sounds big, and it is. You Libras are here to find your balance, restore your equilibrium, and enjoy the peace and beauty of this world. This summer, milk that for all it’s worth. Travel whenever and however you can. The Mercury retrograde period from August 13–September 5 does have the potential to be an especially confusing time, so if you must travel during those dates, triple-check your plans, take extra time getting to and from the airport, allow for a bit of chaos, and remember to breathe. Gather beauty by walking on the beach looking for sea glass, rent a cabin on a river with your best friends for the weekend, or take a class at the Driftless Folk School in Wisconsin.

Your best vacation days are July 1–21, and the best days for commerce or short vacations are July 10–29.
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(October 22–November 21)

There is something going on for you behind the scenes. Perhaps you’re getting ready for a big promotion. Perhaps you’re getting ready to launch a new start-up or begin a new job or get married or have kids. Whatever it is, I recommend that you find a way to vacation in order to gather strength for whatever you are launching this fall. I recommend a yoga or meditation retreat. Head to the ocean or to the forest and enjoy the energy of nature. Interestingly, this Mercury retrograde is a wonderful time for reviewing and solidifying your personal mission, so if you must travel during those dates, make sure you’re doing so to put the final touches on your soon-to-be-presented masterpiece.

Travel far away and for at least a week during August 1–10. Short distance travel or travel for commerce is suggested from September 7 to 21.
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(November 21–December 21)
Sagittarius is the sign of travel, so for you, any kind of travel is rejuvenating. This season, travel at any time, in any way, and however you can manage it. In the last couple of years, we’ve had to be a bit more conservative. We’ve needed to cut back and focus on only what was most necessary and useful. I will continue to suggest that our adventures are there to bring us wisdom and that we should travel to seek that wisdom. Take classes. Teach classes. Go set sail and explore the world.

Between July 22 and August 15, you are astrologically free from obligation to anything other than to yourself, which makes those dates the best time to get out of Dodge however you can. Do your best not to travel more than necessary during Mercury retrograde, but if you must, do so to finish up old business. Travel for commerce or for short trips after September 5 is best.
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(December 21–January 20)

Capricorns understand natural law more than most, so I don’t suggest any frivolous travel this season. In fact, it appears that the demands of work are stronger than usual for you, astrologically speaking. There is a window from July 22 to August 10 that looks like the time for you Capricorns to take a break, but astrologically speaking, I’d encourage this break to be about a great and needed healing. I recommend heading to a spa for those couple weeks. Get far away from work and come back into your body. Be sure to spend time with those you love and trust around you then.

Try to avoid taking a vacation during Mercury retrograde—it could feel like another day at the office and I’d love for you to avoid that. Short trips and work trips are best in late June and early July.
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(January 21–February 20)
Go. Just go. I don’t care when. I don’t care how. Just break free from your routines whenever and however you can. In fact, this is more of an alert than a suggestion. You are craving reflection, astrologically speaking, especially reflection that helps you expand your meaning of life. Break free from cultural paradigms and travel to the farthest place you can imagine. Tunisia? Mongolia? The Yukon? Shake up your “normal” and experience a different culture for a while. Do that thing you’ve never done but have always wanted to do. This is your summer. There’s no telling where you may end up.

Your best vacation and long-distance travel days are July 7–28. Your best days for short trips or business travel are July 28–August 11.
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(February 20–March 20)
“And a new day will dawn, for those who stand long. And the forests will echo with laughter.” There is a live version of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” where Robert Plant adds a line: “Remember laughter?” That sentiment will resonate for you astrologically this summer season. Remember and experience as much laughter as you can. I can imagine you with your kids fishing in the early morning. Use your imagination to create and seek out the little moments of joy this summer and cherish them as beautiful memories made for a lifetime. Your future self will love you for it.

Your best travel dates for vacation are June 21–July 21. Travel for commerce or for short trips until the middle of August.
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