Squaw Valley may even extend the season through summer for the first time ever.

Most people celebrate Independence Day in bathing suits, splashing at pool parties, and noshing on grilled hamburgers. This year, however, thanks to a record-setting winter, at least one Sierra Nevada resort plans to give ski bums the opportunity to celebrate while schussing down the slopes.

The resort, Squaw Valley, announced it will extend its ski season to July 4th.

Yes, you read that correctly: A ski resort in California is planning to have people skiing on its slopes into early summer.

The plan is not entirely far-fetched. Squaw, on the western side of Lake Tahoe, got blitzed with snow this winter. According to weather reports, it had received more than 700 inches of powder between November and April, more than 250 inches above average, and about 150 inches more than other ski resorts in the area.

If everything goes well, Squaw may even extend its ski season through the summer, too. 

Andy Wirth, Squaw’s CEO, hit the airwaves to say he’s considering leaving the slopes open all summer and into the 2017-2018 season, effectively making one long ski year. 

For the record, Squaw isn’t the only ski resort extending the usual plan. In Mammoth Lakes, on the eastern side of the Sierra, Mammoth Mountain will stay open through July 4th as well. 

Elsewhere in the Tahoe area, other resorts such as Heavenly and Northstar are planning to keep the slopes open longer because of the wet winter, too. These resorts recorded about 550 inches of snow. Reports out of Sacramento indicate Heavenly will be open weekends through the end of April, and Northstar was open daily until April 23rd. Both resorts usually shut down for the season April 16th.

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